Vision Statement

Attain is the partnership of over 50 Merton schools, working together to achieve the best outcomes for all their pupils. Our vision is for Merton to be a borough where all our children and young people receive an excellent education in the best possible provision.

We believe that strong partnership working can enhance every aspect of school life, through the sharing of the highest ambitions and good practice between reflective professionals working with our young people.

We believe that:

  • all children and young people have an equal right to an excellent education where they consistently enjoy achieving.
  • trust and common purpose are the foundation for effective collaboration.
  • we should prepare children and young people to be emotionally intelligent citizens
  • diversity and difference should be celebrated within and between schools
  • education professionals should share best practice to achieve high quality teaching and learning
  • leaders should lead with integrity and purpose to enhance the achievement and life chances of all children and young people in Merton, and in Merton schools and settings
  • educators should act with courage and determination when making decisions that will be in the best interests of Merton’s children and young people

There is fair representation of all schools within the partnership on the board. We believe that this should give all schools and their teachers input into the planning and delivery of projects that address mutually agreed priorities.