Black Lives Matter


The following Equalities course will be available to teachers in both Primary and Secondary schools. The course will comprise of two workshops, both to be attended on the 8th and 15th of December 2020 from 16.00-17.30

The training will be delivered by Equaliteach , and will consist of the following two workshops:

Session 1: Overcoming Unconscious Bias and Race Equality

Session 2: Recognising and Responding to Racist Incidents

The training will be delivered via Zoom and will comprise of a variety of small group and whole group activities and discussions, complemented by PowerPoint, video and audio. Participants will be provided with reflective checklists, audits and handouts to reinforce and extend their learning.

Session One: Overcoming Unconscious Bias and Promoting Race Equality

During the training participants will:

  • Understand the impact of race inequality and racism in schools
  • Develop awareness of unconscious bias and privilege and how to overcome them
  • Understand teachers’ equality duties as set out by The Equality Act 2010
  • Look at practical steps that can be made to thread race equality throughout the school

Session Two: Recognising and Responding to Racist Incidents

During the training participants will:

  • Be equipped with tools to recognise when a racist incident has occurred
  • Explore techniques to effectively challenge racist attitudes and behaviours
  • Discuss best practice short-term and long-term approaches to responding racist incidents using case study examples.

Please book on in the normal way using Merton CPD website


During recent headteacher meetings we have had discussions about Council statements regarding Black Lives Matters and the events both in the US and the UK. So you are aware, the Leaders of the political parties in Merton issued a joint statement on the 3rd June for all Merton residents:

We are aware that some schools have already begin to plan (and carry out) actions to respond to Black Lives Matter.  We have created three documents that we hope you find helpful as you either develop these actions further, or start to think what you may want to do next term. 

One document is about ‘Diversifying the Curriculum’ and then there are two documents, providing resources and signposting you to a variety of other resources, one each for primary and secondary.  These can be found on the following Google Drive, in the folder called ‘Black Lives Matter’ or view the links below:

Diversifying the curriculum

Black Lives Matter – Primary Resource

Black Lives Matter- Secondary Resource