Diversity in Merton

Diversity in Merton?

We are one of the most diverse boroughs in London. Merton has a rich mix of ethnicity, culture and languages. Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups make up just under 38% of the population.

This diversity is reflected in Merton schools. Almost three-quarters of pupils are from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities, 39.3% with a first language which is not English, and over 120 languages are spoken in the borough. The most prominent first languages for primary pupils apart from English are Polish, Urdu and Tamil.

Merton had more than 40 percent of residents born abroad in 2014

Merton is one of the most religiously diverse boroughs in London, and Morden is home to
the largest mosque in Western Europe.

The Baitul Futuh Mosque, Morden. Serving the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, it is the largest mosque in the UK and one of the largest in Western Europe.

Why is equality and diversity important to us?

Attain is proud to uphold equality as one of its central partnership values. A commitment to equality in education enriches the lives of children, teaching tolerance and an understanding of differences between people of all ages and backgrounds. The diversity seen in Merton schools allows equality to be expressed on a daily basis.

We know that embracing and celebrating diversity makes our schools better places to learn.

Check the following page to see some of the projects we are funding to support our schools with racial equality https://merton-attain.net/black-lives-matter/

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