Extend your CV

How can I improve my teaching CV?

School employers will be interested to hear about your interests outside of education, providing they demonstrate that you are a curious and enthusiastic individual with a unique ability to inspire young people. For example you might choose to describe your musical or sporting interests, whereas it is probably best to avoid mentioning your love of traveling or video games as these have less to offer the school community.

Where can I gain experience?

  1. Volunteer with a community group. It is always a good idea to find a community sports club, local charity or youth club that you can become involve in to build your experience working in a people-focused environment. You will stand out to headteachers as being a committed individual who is happy to go the extra mile whilst developing your skills working with a range of people of all ages and backgrounds.
  2. Find opportunities to develop your creativity. Teaching is a creative profession requiring a lot of flair. Make sure you emphasise all the creative activities you’ve been involved in and use your spare time to develop these skills; headteachers will like to hear about how you use your free time productively.
  3. Take a safeguarding course.There are many online opportunities to maintain your familiarity with good safeguarding and child protection practice. School employers will be reassured to see you taking safeguarding seriously and impressed by your initiative to do so.