How can Merton support my well-being?

Merton schools care about their staff well-being and The Attain Board have established a project group of teachers from across the borough, leading initiatives to ensure that a comprehensive well-being strategy is implemented across schools.

What to consider:

  1. Financial stability. Merton is uniquely placed as a borough that offers the best teacher pay in the country alongside cheaper average rents. Both of these important considerations will relieve potential pressure on your finances, allowing you to concentrate on your career development.
  2. Diversity. Merton is a very diverse and welcoming place with vibrant communities who are engaged with our schools. Whatever your background, you will be made to feel at home where you work which in turn will support your well-being in your teaching career.
  3. Accessibility. Some people enjoy spending their free time in the city visiting museums and art galleries, or going to concerts and theatre productions. Others prefer to spend time in the tranquility of nature on long country walks or cycling or running. Merton offers the best of both worlds, being 15 minutes from both London Waterloo and Richmond Park.